Orykta® for Life

All living things on this earth consume minerals in order to exist.  They are replenished through consumption in the cycle of life.  Soil to plants, plants to animals and plants and animals to humans.  Minerals can only be replaced by minerals, unfortunately today there is a mineral deficiency which is almost epidemic.

Attempts are made to replenish required minerals through fertilization of soils in agriculture and use of vitalized minerals (vitamins)  as supplements to animals and humans.  We still have deficiencies.

Orykta® is a naturally occurring, environmentally friendly supplement which facilitates the replenishment of minerals in the cycle of life.

Where in the cycle do you want to start?

Orykta® in the Environment

Orykta® is a natural, non-hazardous, non-toxic product used effectively in agriculture, while NOT adding appreciable amounts of nitrogen, phosphate or potassium.  Orykta®, is arguably the most effective agricultural product available that is friendly to the environment.

Enriching the Planet With Orykta®

Soil Revitalization

Its’ Imperative

Despite the phenomenal growth in fertilizer consumption over the past thirty years, much of the world remains underfed and malnourished.   Additionally, there is a growing twofold concern: first a concern about a general decline of the nutritional quality of food products and second a concern that the food we eat might be toxic due to chemical additives.   Concerns  persist that a once abundance of healthy arable land is in sharp decline, while the quality and health of drinking water and estuaries worldwide are suffering from the adverse effects of chemical run-off from strenuous agricultural production.  Nevertheless, it is projected that fertilizer consumption will continue to increase.