About The Company

Founded principally by an agronomist/nutritionist in 1992, we exclusively own and mine Orykta® for worldwide distribution and own the trademark to Orykta®.  Current holdings include all mining claims to Orykta®, which total over 938 million cubic yards of ore and over 1.74 billion tons across the deposit surface.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a cost effective solutions to reverse persistent problems associated with agriculture, namely: malnutrition, decreasing  healthy lands used for crops and increased environmental hazards by the use of toxic chemicals.  We hope to reverse and improve those with the provision of Orykta®  worldwide.

Sales and Distributors

The company primarily utilizes indirect sales channels represented by agents and resellers in some foreign markets, and direct sales channels regarding relationships with large U.S. and select foreign distributors or producers of chemical or natural fertilizers. Marketing is handled by Orykta® International Group (OIG), an organization formed by select international marketing consultants specifically to lead our sales and marketing efforts.

Prices are based on quantities ordered, packaging and destination.

We are happy to consider manufacturer/distributor arrangements with qualified distributors. There are two ways that you can get involved in the sales process with Orykta Organic Minerals. You can be a direct buyer from us or become a distributor.

  • As a direct buyer (wholesaler), it’s up to you to establish your own sales and distribution channels. We in essence become the direct distributor to you.

  • As an Orykta® distributor, you are considered an independent commission-based contractor. As a distributor, you become our direct point of contact for prospective buyers of our product. We are looking for highly motivated individuals willing to put in the hard work to develop a successful sales channel.  Individuals seeking to be an Orykta® distributor should be well connected to key individuals within the industry and have the financial means to take on a commission-only role. If you are interested, please Contact Us.


Western Engineering and Surveying Services of Carson City, Nevada has completed and estimate of resources which states that this was by far the largest project undertaken by itself and their subcontractors. The volume estimate came in at 938,522,358 cubic yards, the equivalent of approximately 1.74 billion tons of Orykta®.

Fulfillment is accomplished by excavating (scooping up with front-end loaders and other excavation type equipment) the composite mineral mix, Orykta®, from an above ground open mine site. The mineral mix is then placed in trucks for transport to a refining facility (moving belt, dryer, and grinder) off site from the mines. Orykta® is then dried, if needed (only 75 days a year), then ground to the level screen size required and shipped according to other contract terms from the refining facility. 

Aerial view of Orykta® Mine in Nevada.

Shipping Info

Our ability to independently mine our own product and ship Orykta® via its own railhead, production and shipment of the product is extremely efficient. From the mine, it is available FOB (Free on Board) in Wabushka, Nevada where the warehouse is located. At your request, we will work with you to deliver it to your preferred destination at the lowest market rates available. We use the services of qualified shipping agents and international consultants to ensure smooth transfer of goods.

Orykta® is available for shipment in three ways:

  • By the ton in bulk, free-flowing form

  • Packaged in one ton Super Sac bags

  • Packaged in 50-lbs (22.4kg) bags