Crops using Orykta® will increase yield while reducing your costs.

Animal Nutrition

Orykta® improves the production and health of dairy cows, beef cattle, swine, poultry, horses, and even dogs and cats.

Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers and Trees

Test results have shown increased product size, accelerated growth, and intensified color.


Early testing and experimentation indicate Orykta® may provide major breakthroughs in aquaculture.

Lawn and Turf

Results show less dependence on fertilizer to achieve green lawns at golf courses and to your lawn.

Remediation of Soil and Water

Soil remediation is the process of removing contaminants from soil. Hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and creosote all present problems for property owners. There are a few different methods of fixing soil. You can do it using natural means, such as using certain types of bacteria. Additionally, thermal soil remediation, air sparging, and encapsulation may be effective. The most immediate type of remediation is removal of the contaminated soil and replacement with clean fill.

Soil contamination has serious, long-term, and deleterious effects on ecosystems and property. Many animals absorb soil contamination in one form or another, and soil contamination can cause massive die-offs. This, in turn, can cause more problems. Humans may become permanently sick due to soil contamination.  

Orykta  can help.