Orykta® is a unique, concentrated blend of mineral elements essential to the healthy growth of plants and animals, expertly mixed for us by Mother Nature. As such, it requires no additional substances be added to its makeup prior to use. It restores nutritional equilibrium when used in agricultural production and animal nutrition regimens without disrupting current farming or animal husbandry practices. A product of prehistoric volcanic activity, no similarly occurring substance is known to exist. It is non-toxic as well as sulfated, has a high bioavailability for easy assimilation, and is uniformly rich throughout in essential nutrients. No like product can be fabricated on a cost competitive basis. In addition to agricultural production and animal nutrition, investigations are underway to identify its usefulness in aquaculture and the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The near perfect blend of complementary nutrient components that naturally occur in Orykta® means plants benefit directly and indirectly from it.

  • Orykta® improves the physical properties of many soils by increasing total porosity and water retention resulting in lower nutrient losses. Therefore, plants growing in soils amended with Orykta® are able to obtain necessary nutrients in the root zone.

  • Due to the appreciative amount of gypsum in Orykta®, it can be used to reclaim medium textured sodic soils. Upon product application, the calcium replaces the sodium on the cation exchange site and the resulting sodium sulfate will be leached out from the system by irrigation waters. The soil flocculates, its structure is improved, and soil pH is lowered.

Orykta® can be:

  • Applied in conjunction with other fertilizers.

  • Pre-mixed at a distributor’s factory to create a unique private-label product.

  • Applied directly as a soil reclaiming agent.

Orykta® is the KEY to improving agricultural production. When Orykta® is used, lower costs are directly related to a reduced need for NPK fertilizers, which are themselves costly, and the fact that Orykta™ itself cost less than NPK fertilizers. Product yields are visibly improved as there is an increase in the nutritional value of plants as well as the amount of fruits and vegetables produced. Working in concert with traditional fertilizers, Orykta® completes nutrient input requirements, promotes conditions for maximum nutrient assimilation, and increases soil moisture retention rates. Scientific tests, under normal growing conditions, show that it boosts vital mineral nutrient assimilation to an impressive 96%.

The beauty of Orykta® is that its use can be modified to your agricultural production and animal nutrition needs. For agriculture, the amount of Orykta® needed is determined by the health of your soil. For example, soils with a high pH level require more Orykta® supplementation than soils with a lower pH level. Livestock response to the product will determine use – livestock should show increased weight and vitality. We recommend the follow guidelines for initial use:

  • For agriculture production: 1 to 1.5 tons per acre (2 to 2.5 tons per hectare).

  • For animal nutrition: Approximately 2% of an animal’s feed intake.

Orykta® can be applied in practically any fashion that is consistent with your current supplemental application regime; that is, for agriculture production it can be pre-mixed, broadcast alone, or applied as a plug. For feed, it can be feed directly to the animal, mixed with vitamins in the pre-mix, or molded into feed pellets.

For agriculture, the amount of Orykta® needed actually is determined by the health of your soil. Generally if your soil has a high pH, you definitely should be using Orykta®. If your pH levels and Cation Exchange Capacity CEC levels are already optimal, less Orykta® is needed. Good rules of thumb are 1 to 1.5 tons per acre (2 to 2.5 tons per hectare) for agriculture use and approximately 2% of an animal’s feed intake for animal production.

As with agricultural production, using Orykta® to supplement animal feed reduces the amount of regular feed needed, thus providing a direct savings to the animal breeder. An Orykta® enhanced feed regimen improves animal weight, increases reproductive and offspring health, and enhances an animal’s capacity to withstand the rigors of high production. The results are significantly and visibly healthier animals, increased nutritional value per pound of product, and subsequently, improved profitability for the breeder.

In both the U.S. and overseas, extensive scientific testing has been performed on Orykta™ by private, state, and government agricultural and science laboratories with no conflicting results. You can find many of the test results here on this website.   In addition to institutional field testing, commercial testing has been performed with Orykta™ for animal production, such as cattle, swine, chickens, and shrimp. It has also been tested for agricultural production including, but not limited to, turfs and grasses, fruit and citrus trees, as well as cash and row crops, such as corn, tomatoes, potatoes, grapes, rice, cotton, wheat, and avocados. All tests concluded there was a significant increase in product quantity and quality.

We believe no other product exists that can accomplish so much, for so little, with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

A major advantage to using Orykta® is its slow release and non-volatility—it continues to work long after it is applied. For example, Orykta® is typically applied only during a harvest cycle’s initial application period and not again until the beginning of the next harvest cycle.

No. Orykta® is environmentally friendly and does not contain high levels of toxic heavy metals by the following respected authorities:

  • OMRI Listed®—This product may be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule.

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has designated Orykta® as “GRAS”, meaning it is non-hazardous to plant or animal life as well as nontoxic, nonradioactive, and nonflammable.

  • Orykta® was evaluated and granted organic production and processing certification via EcoLogica, a Costa Rica-based organization.

Orykta® has a 3% solubility balance by supplying essential nutrients to the root throughout the growing seasons. Orykta® balances soil nutrient structure, improves cash & exchange and provides a balance of soil availability.

Orykta contains 50-60% of MONTMORILLON which has a special property to absorb, preserve and release inorganic ions and organic molecules. It is an ideal source for slow-release agent for nitrogen fertilizer.

The preparation process is relatively simple. The mineral is mined from its current Nevada location, crumbled into a uniformed grain size, and dried to a water-moisture content of no more than 5%. Once packaged, it is ready to ship as an agricultural or feed supplement.

The near perfect blend of complementary nutrient components that naturally occur in Orykta® improves the production and health of dairy cows, beef cattle, swine, poultry, horses, and even dogs and cats. The health-producing effect occurs as a result of the enzyme and bacteria action indigenous to the mineral.

Orykta® when introduced into the daily feed:

  • Enables the nutrients to penetrate through the intestinal membrane significantly better than man-made mixtures.

    • Increased overall digestibility.

    • Meaningful acceptance by the animal.

  • Outperforms most other buffering agents and remains active through the fourth “stomach” of ruminants: non-toxic, non-polluting, environmentally safe and friendly.

  • Increases reproductive health and healthier offspring.

  • Enhances capability of animals to withstand rigors of high production.

  • Other:

    • Significantly healthier coat.

    • Hardening of egg shells in poultry.

Orykta® can be:

  • Applied in conjunction with other feed components.

  • Pre-mixed at a distributor’s factory to create a unique private-label product.

Orykta® use in aquaculture is still under investigation; however, early results are very promising. Tests performed in Malaysia show that when Orykta® is introduced to pond water: algae and ammonia buildup is reduced, pond water remains clear, desired pH levels are maintained, the need for water replacement is significantly reduced. In addition, plankton growth increases and prawns appear healthier and more active, have a better shell structure, and reach market size an average of two weeks earlier. There is also exciting evidence that Orykta® may retard or reduce White Spot disease in shrimp.