About the Mineral

About Orykta®

Orykta® is a mined composite mix comprised of a rich blend of micro and macro mineral elements, intrinsically buffered for easy assimilation by both plants and animals – and it is naturally free of toxic substances and does not contain harmful levels heavy metals. While it is used effectively in plant and animal production, both as nutrient supplement consumed directly and as a soil reclaiming agent, Orykta® has additional applications in aquaculture and in producing pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It is the product of prehistoric volcanic activity and is known to be found only at one mine site in the Walker River Valley of Nevada near the Sierras. The deposits are uniform throughout, meaning Orykta® can be mined and prepared as a product cost effectively. Nothing is added to the finished Orykta® product – it comes out of the ground in near perfect form. While other mineral-rich volcanic substances do exist and are used in agriculture, no other product is known to occur naturally that has the superb qualities in form and content as that of Orykta®.

Orykta® contains all eight of the commonly recognized essential micronutrients for crop and soil health – iron, copper, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, chlorine, nickel and boron – plus an amalgam of other minerals that are uniformly present throughout the deposit.

Orykta® can…

  • shorten production cycles allowing for earlier market entry.

  • be applied in conjunction with other fertilizer components or blends.

  • be pre-mixed at a distributor’s factory to create a unique private-label product.

  • be applied directly as a soil retaining agent.

  • be stored indefinitely without composition or nutrient breakdown.

  • be stored outdoors in an uncontrolled environment.

Orykta® does not…

  • replace N, P205 or K20 requirements.

  • promote algae blooms in estuaries or pollute rivers and surrounding environments.

  • contain toxic chemicals or harmful levels of heavy metals.

  • require a farmer to purchase new equipment, change soil application regimes, or increase labor.

  • contain harmful levels of radioactive material.

  • Orykta® does…

  • increase the nutritional value of plant and animal products.

  • lower production costs for both crops and animals.

  • increase yields for both crops and animals.

  • restore nutritional balance in both soils and animals.

  • reduce toxic influences NPK fertilizers can have on the environment.

  • replace up to 60% of NPK fertilizer.

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