Superior Feed

Improves Animal Healtlh

Promotes Growth

All Natural

The use of Orykta® as a food additive provides immediate growth and health benefits in animals – impressing even the most skeptical animal husbandry experts and nutritionists. Aside from the nutrient value of Orykta® , these benefits are made possible due to the enhance nutrition assimilation of the product by animal tissues. This salubrious effect is occasioned by the enzyme and bacterial action indigenous to the mineral. An Orykta® enhanced feed regimen improves animal weight, increases reproductive health and offspring health, and enhances an animal’s capacity to withstand the rigors of high production. The results are significantly and visibly healthier animals, increased nutritional value per pound of product, increased yields… and subsequently, improved profitability for the farmer.

Orykta® improves the production and health of dairy cows, beef cattle, swine, poultry, horses, and even dogs and cats. With Orykta®, animals achieve optimal nutritional value without the use of synthetic byproducts. Typically, only 50% of these enhanced products achieve animal nutrition assimilation, while the remainder passes through the animal. Tests on Orykta® show a 96% nutrient assimilation rate.

When introduced into the daily feed, Orykta® enables the nutrients to penetrate through the intestinal membrane signicantly better than man-made mineral mixtures. Which in return increases weight gain and overall digestibility. Therefore the animal breeder will pay less per pound of weight gained. 

Our total digestible nutrient (TDN) level surpasses anything on the market today. Orykta® has a TDN level of 96-97% availability.

Orykta Feed Product Overview- PowerPoint Presentation