Orykta® for Soil Revitalization

  • Improves Water Retention

  • Slow Releasing Nutrition

  • Decreases Use of Fertilizers

  • Lowers Soil pH

The near perfect blend of complimentary nutrient components that naturally occur in Orykta® means plants benefit directly when absorbed through their root systems and indirectly through Orykta’s tendency to revitalize the soil conditions and improve the water retention qualities. Water application is often needed frequently to maintain a steady moisture supply. Often, the dissolved soluble nutrients move into the groundwater, and fertility applications are lost in drainage waters. Sandy soils usually have low organic matter content and low cation exchange capacity. Plants growing on soils amended with Orykta®, however, obtain the nutrients in the root zone. Orykta® improves the physical properties of many soils by increasing total porosity and water retention, resulting in lower nutrient losses.

Soils farmed under low rainfall often have an accumulation of sodium, which makes leaching an extremely slow process because of low permeability. These soils can be reclaimed by applying gypsum, a hydrated calcium sulfate, to replace the exchangeable sodium, Na+. Due to the appreciable amount of gypsum in Orykta®, it can be used to reclaim medium textured sodic soils. The pH of these sodic soils is usually between 9 to 10. Upon the product’s application, the calcium replaces the sodium on the cation exchange site and the resulting sodium sulfate will be leached out from the system by irrigation waters. The soil transforms, the soil structure is improved, and the soil pH is lowered, typically to around 7 or 8.

Studies have shown Orykta® provides all the same beneficial effects of gypsum, and then some. As a naturally sulfated mineral product, Orykta® has an availability of near 100% for absorption by plants and animals. It intrinsically counters saliency and high pH in acidic soils, however, will augment low pH soils.

Enviromental Remediation Applications

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